Worried Your Acne, Facial Hair And Discolored Skin Will Ruin Your Wedding? Become The Blushing Bride You Imagine

Are you planning your wedding and you worry that your acne, acne scars and facial hair are going to ruin your pictures? Do you have a hard time controlling your skin and getting the complexion that you desire? If so, you'll want to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

A dermatologist won't just help you get rid of the acne that you have on your face now, but they will also help you treat your acne problem so you don't have acne in the future. Here are a few topics to cover in your appointment.


It can be hard to determine what is causing your acne on your own, and you may be using the wrong type of facial washes and cleaners for your skin. The dermatologist will do a skin evaluation to see what type of skin problems you have and what solutions are needed to get clear skin for your big day. You may need prescription washes, topical ointments, and even a prescription medication to help clear up your blemishes.

Hair Removal

Do you get a lot of ingrown hairs that cause your blemishes, or do you get marks when you try to pluck or wax the hair on your face? Professional hair removal with a laser may be the best option, because it isn't abrasive and the results can last a lifetime. Talk with the dermatologist about getting your problem areas treated with a laser, so you don't have to worry about ingrown hairs or getting your face waxed before your big day.


Are there a lot of dark spots and markings from the acne you've had? If so, ask about dermabrasion, facial peels and other lightening options that can help even out the skin tone. You want your complexion to be clear and even on your big day, and the dermatologist may have the answer to get rid of dark or age spots, or red marks from recent breakouts that could ruin your pictures. This treatment may require special or prescription topical ointments, or an in office procedure.

Taking care of your skin is important, and you want to be a glowing bride when you walk down the aisle. The sooner you can get to the dermatologist to start treating your acne and problems the better, so you can get control of the acne before you have to walk out in front of your guests. 

For more information and treatment options, talk with a dermatologist, such as those at Gateway Dermatology PC.